Guess Who is in HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine: January-February 2014

Guess what site was featured (along with seven others) in this month’s issue of HGTV Magazine as one of “the most addictive real estate sites.”

HGTV Magazine: January-February 2014

If you guessed this very site, congratulations! You win! Actually we all win, as new readers bring new commenters and more great submissions. So, if you see some new names in the comments and listing finder credits, now you know why!

Welcome, HGTV Magazine readers! If you’re curious, here’s the post featured in the magazine: PoolDog Not Included

I’d also like to extend a big shout-out and thank you to HGTV Magazine’s Rachel Barker and Jessica Dickler for including us!

Found by: Marty E.

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Marty E.
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4 Comments on "Guess Who is in HGTV Magazine"

  1. Congrats on the well-deserved shout-out, Marty! I too hope we’ll have lots of new friends to help us roast your hilarious finds. One cannot have too many imaginary friends in silly hats, I always say, and fondly hope you all feel the same about me. :D

  2. @anodean: “Imaginary friends in silly hats” are good, but I also like silly friends in imaginary hats. I’m just not sure which group we’re in. Um… both?

    Ditto on the Congrats, Marty. What a glorious coup! Thanks much, HGTV Magazine!!

  3. I saw you in HGTV mag, Congrats

  4. @Colleen: Welcome Colleen. We – other posters here – hope you decide to join in regularly. :D


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