Free Headless Ghost Agent With Purchase

20636 Chippewa Tree Ln., Herman, NE 68029

Headless ghost agent and ghost agent’s buddy come free with this $2.5 million Nebraska home.

20636 Chippewa Tree Ln., Herman, NE 68029

It does have a sweet guard tower, though.

20636 Chippewa Tree Ln., Herman, NE 68029

Not that there’s much to see…

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5 Comments on "Free Headless Ghost Agent With Purchase"

  1. First note – The listed address is wrong. That’s the house number, but the street is Chippewa TREE Lane, not Chippewa Cree Lane. Also, the town designation should be Tekamah, NE, not Herman, NE. The site is about 30 miles due north of Omaha. (I’ve contacted Redfin with his info, but it may be a couple days before they get it changed.)

    Second note – Once you can see the appropriate satellite map, the following immediately comes to mind, “What complete idiot builds a house, any house, let alone a multimillion dollar house smack on the bank of the Missouri River?” Not just that, but it’s at the tip of a narrow peninsula between the Missouri and the “County Line Ditch,” a sizable creek. The confluence is visible to the right of Pic 34 at the listing.

    The Missouri has been a flood hazard for centuries ( and has changed course by up to 5 miles to both east and west, as is visible on the satellite map. A series of dams was completed in the 1960s, after which the worst flooding diminished, but heavy enough rains over large enough areas can still pose a flood threat.

    More’s the pity, as the house itself is pretty nice. It does seem unfinished in parts and the concrete monstrosity that is a huge deck-like area is hideous, but other than that, there is a lot of nice detailing in quite nice materials. Personally, I’d add lightning rods to the top of the tower, as the house is the tallest thing around for miles. It’s also the only thing around for miles, with the nearest tiny town being almost 5 miles off.

  2. @Emerald63: Good catch on the address. That would explain why Redfin was unable to map it. I’ve updated this post with the right address, at least.

  3. This is a pretty desolate-looking place. It doesn’t help that the exterior of the house looks like a small prison. On the other hand, there’s no need for curb appeal here since there’s not a curb to speak of. On the plus side, the interior has a lot of potential.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that the kitchen is so small, ugly and ill-thought-out? It’s almost like they forgot that kitchens are sort of necessary and just stuck one in a corner somewhere once they realized.

  5. @MsWildhack: I didn’t think the kitchen was that small or ugly, but I did think it was poorly thought out, at least where the fridge is concerned. It’s just kinda… standing there… all on its own… in the corner… like the other appliances don’t want to play with it. (Boy, does that bring back bad playground memories…)

    Also, around the corner (Pic 8) in what looks like a breakfast nook, there’s another bit of counter with a smaller sink and an empty under-counter space that looks about the right size for a trash compactor. If that’s what’s supposed to go there, then that would be another example of poor layout. So, yeah… definitely kitchen issues.


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