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2 Comments on "Palace For Sale, Slightly Used"

  1. ~ mouth agape ~

    Ahem… OK. Wow. When can I move in?

    What a lovely job of interior design! A great balance of classical and modern lines. And that view!!! Not only a lovely addition to the homeowner’s experience, but well taken advantage of. For those days when the fog completely socks in the view, and the sun, the neutral yet warm and subtly varied color scheme will keep things feeling airy. Keeping with my usual preference, I might opt for just a bit more color, but not much. I rather like the tones used in the paintings in the master bath (Pic 26). The particular images I can take or leave, but the colors are good.

    Given the city, the neighborhood, and the size of the home, the price sounds about… well… not good, so much, but acceptable. Sort of. Close enough. I repeat… when can I move in?

  2. It is said that a cat may look at a queen…

    Living here, she may also look out at the Palace of Fine Arts… as well as just about anything else she might wish, as might her owner. Considering how long it might take to grow weary of merely looking at the interior, both owner and cat might live here very happily indeed. :D


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