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3 Comments on "Metal Penguin Just Wants a Hug"

  1. I’ve known since before I was a teenager… Never Hug A Bronze Penguin On A Sunny Day. How did I come by this bit of wisdom? The hard way, here: They’re a favorite in The Country Club Plaza shopping district in Kansas City, MO. Cloudy days? Go For It. Sunny days? Oh hell no. I assume the same is true for non-bronze, metallic penguins, not to mention elephants, giraffes, rhinos, etc. Even if they’re not huggable, I like’em, as well as a lot of other things about this listing.

    What I don’t like is it being tsunami fodder, right on the beach at sea level, around 15 miles from San Francisco and about 25 miles from Napa, which was badly damaged by an earthquake just last month. An el cheapo cottage, OK, but a $9M get-away place? Um, no.

    If only that weren’t a potential issue I might actually plunk down the asking price (if I had it). The pale blond woodwork, the white walls and cabinetry, the atmospheric light from many clerestory windows and skylights… it’s like the beach is right there in your house. The primary colors, especially the blues, just add to the illusion. Not sure about the put-your-hands-in-the-air sculptures, though. They’re not particularly “beachy”, but then neither are the animal species out front. But they are fun. I dunno, maybe the arms up posture is a reminder of the folks that may have been mugged to gather the listing price last time around….

  2. The out-flung arms of the figures reminded me of Julie Andrews’ classic “The Hills Are Alive” song… which would make these menaces Listing Nannies.
    Unlike the simple malevolence of the Listing Butler (or the Baba Yaga Maid), I reckon these figures bring properties on the market by destroying the head of household’s ability to earn a living. Under their insidious influence, he or she will suddenly manifest the modern equivalent of the Captain singing “Edelweiss” to the occupying forces or Mr. Banks telling wooden leg jokes to the Directors…

  3. @Anodean: So the outgoing owners will have to ascend the sandy alps at the rear of the property to escape the, er, “incoming” occupiers? If it were me, I’d… take a pass. :P


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