The Blue Room

904 North Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

I’m sure nothing but wholesome activities go on in this room.

904 North Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

And clearly everyone in here will be watching the movie. That’s why the seating is basically a bunch of beds.

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  1. It just goes to show…
    Lotsa $ + Lotsa Space ≠ Lotsa Taste

    $58mil for this overblown schlock-fest?! Give me old money taste any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Please.

    About the only tolerable room, imo, is shown in Pics 13 & 14. The near monochromatic color scheme allows some shiny surfaces, the patterned rug, and the sculpted fireplace to play nicely together.

    Oh, the entry/hallway/whatever in Pic 12 is nice. *Love* the Art Deco-ish frosted glass.

    Other than that, all I can think is, “All that money, and at least half the furniture has my aching back cringing in terror.”

  2. I think the Blue Room has possibilities.

    Sure, it looks like a belly-dancing outfit somehow expanded to fill the entire area… but really, are those actually windows? If not, it just cries out for murals with palm trees.

    Then, once you get past that, you realize that this room was *obviously* meant to be an indoor swimming pool and/or spa, one just *ahem* swimming with more blue, possibly patterned, tile and only a small surround where the shelf-seating is now.

    What happened? Why isn’t it a pool/spa? Were there engineering problems? A failure of artistic vision?

    Or is this the room where the money ran out?

    Did the demoralized overseer quickly drop a plywood floor into the pool, hang those nasty verticals in the arches, bomb the place with home-store cushions, place a couple cheap tables, and hurl the special-ordered inflatable Persian carpet floaties in after them?

  3. @anodean: “A failure of artistic vision?”

    LOLOL!!! Absolutely! What makes this room so special? If the rest of the place can be a failure of artistic vision it’s only fair that this room is, too, right?

    Once you mentioned belly dancing I immediately flashed on eating at the restaurant in the Moroccan section of Epcot Center at Disney World (***fantastic*** food, btw), which does indeed feature a belly dancer and similar, though not as colorful, a decor.

    But your discussion of whether this was originally and indoor pool area prompted the back of my mind to chime in with, “More likely a tidied up hookah bar, in this day and age.” I had to stop and think a minute before I remembered exactly what a hookah was. Well, at least my subconscious is still remembering the pop culture references it takes in, even if my conscious mind doesn’t always get the job done anymore…..


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