It’s All In The Details

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

That’s an… interesting floor.

Okay let’s be clear here. This is a freakin’ mansion.

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

With a list price over $6 million.

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

The photo selection is a bit odd, though.

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

Obviously the agent is really proud of all the detail work.

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

I mean really proud.

Oh, and the view.

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

Also: guess who got their hands on a “drone” and engaged in some illegal commercial activities with it?

930 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94117

If you guessed “the listing agent and/or photographer of this home,” you win!

Found by: Rob G.

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5 Comments on "It’s All In The Details"

  1. So it’s basically an old mansion turned into an apartment building?

    …and it has assorted Christmas tree ornaments (Pic 32) in the entryway light fixture (pic 24).

    I like old buildings, but something just seems run-down about this place.

  2. @Frodo: There’s plenty of evidence in the above photos to indicate that “run down” barely scratches the surface.

    The listing calls this place a “trophy mansion” (I kid thee not), so I’m guessing it was killed with a rifle blast or three and hung on a wall to be forgotten for a few decades- which is really a shame since it’s obvious a tremendous amount of skill and money went into its creation.

  3. @Paradox: Nice characterization, Paradox. I’m picturing a old moose head hanging on the wall covered in dust and mites and it about fits this place.

  4. ~ moan ~ . . . ~ whimper ~

    Who… who let this gorgeous, pre-1906 earthquake beauty go so far downhill? I know it’s hard not to go down (or up) a hill in San Francisco, but this is criminal. Please tell me there are local historic preservation ordinances that any purchaser will have to work within…

    For a buyer who wants to do what’s right by this place and others like it, $6.6M is a total steal. S’kay though, because the other $10-20M they’d spend on a place that had been kept up can then be put toward not only saving and restoring what’s there, but doing it to one’s own taste. There must be a market for Victorian era homes here, or the better ones would never demand such a high price. I’m hopeful there’s also a demand for properties that need work. I hate to think of it being split up, but at least if it’s a high-end job it won’t be akin to butchery. *crosses fingers*

    BTW, did anyone else notice the gold-leaf detailing on the exterior (Pics 13-17?) I’d put serious money on them being real gold. They didn’t call it The Gilded Age for nothing, ya know.

  5. So who actually owns this building? The city? How long has it been empty?


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