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3 Comments on "Behold My Horse Room"

  1. Sold! I’ll take it!! Now just let me find my… checkbook… ~rummage-rummage~ …I know I had it here somewhere… Well durn if I didn’t go and leave it in my other purse – Shoot! Can you hold this place for me while I run home to get my checkbook? What?! Whaddya mean, no?! Oh Maaan….

    Another stunner with but one tiny *cough-NOT-cough* bit of weirdness. Marty, are we even sure the horse room goes with this house? It is completely different than any other room shown!

    Speaking of other rooms… and decks… and pools… ~contented sigh~ As to the house proper, I love the way a lot of the spaces interpenetrate and I love all the windows. I especially love the floor to ceiling ones in the two shower stalls shown (although it might’ve been safer to have two sections with a support bar in between them).

    Decor-wise, the splashes of color are a delight, while the white background really adds to the airiness and light-filled qualities. That in turn allows the bold patterns to really shine without overwhelming the final product. The *only* item I don’t care for is the chandelier above the zebra-stripe dining room.

    But hey… when there’s a walk-through waterfall coming off a deck and landing in your swimming pool, who really gives a rat’s patooty about chandelier anyway? It’s right up there with having a *real* stuffed horse to play on. Giddyup! ;)

  2. Horse room? What horse room. If I am not in the theater you will find me in the pool .

  3. @Samme: LOL!!!


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