Convenient to Automobile Repairing!

2132 5th Ave. Unit 1, Seattle, WA 98121

Nothing like being across the street from the former site of a mechanic to really sell a home to today’s discriminating buyer.

I also really enjoyed how the second photo is just an over-sharpened, over-saturated version of the first shot.

2132 5th Ave. Unit 1, Seattle, WA 98121

2132 5th Ave. Unit 1, Seattle, WA 98121

You know, in case you were wondering what your front door might look like if you were on a little bit of acid.

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  1. I’ve heard of folks who say they’d like things done the way they were back in 1910 again, that it was all better then, somehow… wouldn’t it be a fine thing if they could buy a property in 1910 to go and live in? Perhaps that’s exactly what this seller is offering, hence the slightly hallucinatory appearance of the “modern day” picture…

    Keith Laumer wrote that he was riding with friends and not paying close attention to conversation when someone said they planned to build a house in November… to which he bemusedly replied, “There’s some nice land there.”

  2. Maybe the photographer was trying to make up for the incredibly poor quality of all the other pics?

    Not to mention… OMG Can There Be A More Dull Monochromatic Interior ANYWHERE?! Considering the number of days a year Seattle spends socked in, I’m thinking that interior is actually some sort of a torture chamber. At the very least, the occupant’s (ocular) cones will atrophy.

    It does have a bit of nice wood trim, which could serve as a nice canvas for a complementary color scheme, or maybe a family of related tones – carpet, walls, trim, maybe 2 trim colors…

    Too bad the neighborhood requires bars on all the windows. But for me personally, what’s more to the point is what’s just above the street signs. That’s an el-train… running right by the house… day and night, night and day… Looks like Jake and Elwood are finally getting out of their old place. Hope they can find a buyer…

  3. @Emerald63: See? Just another reason to go live there in the past … where they had only just started to build up that rail line. (Note equipment, etc., in old picture.) Surely an enterprising sort of buyer from the future could think of something to do about that, eh?

  4. LeilaCinn | May 20, 2014 at 5:24 PM |


    Okay, I know this post is 2 years old, but that isn’t an el train — it’s the Seattle Monorail. It goes from Downtown to the Seattle Center (what’s left of the 1962 World’s Fair site) and it’s actually pretty quiet. That building is downtown, so noise from the monorail is the least of your worries there.

    A basement condo in Belltown? You’d have to be an overpaid 20-something to want to live there.

  5. Emerald63 | May 20, 2014 at 9:14 PM |

    @LeilaCinn: Cool! Someone is still bothering to look at older posts!! Plus, it’s nice to see a new name here. :D

    It’s also good to know the Seattle Monorail is quiet. But… if you look at Pic 14 at the listing (which, amazingly, is still there) you’ll see that the tracks for the monorail are elevated, at least for some distance, above a functioning street. Any light rail that is elevated can be referred to as an “el” train. I know now from what you’ve said that this one isn’t a typical subway train come out to play in the sunshine, as is the case in the famous Chicago el system. But it’s still elevated.

    I hope you’ll stick around and join the Looney Listings club, LeilaCinn!


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