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  1. They wouldn’t open the door for their Mystery Date?

    Well, I guess that explains why the realtor only has exterior pictures… now, should I assume that the realtor couldn’t imagine turning around to take a picture of the back of the building once he had taken one of the garage? Or should I conclude that he wisely “redacted” that shot because it would document the “separate entrance” that exists because this one-family dwelling is “being used as a two-family” – modifications that will have to be removed before new owner can legally occupy?

  2. Wow, what ya learn from Street View. Directly across the street from this… this… purported abode, is PS 83, a public school. The buildings and paved open area (a few play items, mostly just asphalt) are all surrounded by an extra tall chain link fence, say around 12′ high. Thing is, it’s topped by… barbed wire… facing in. You know, the canted part at the top that’s the structure for the wiring? Yup. Points in. Seems they just do not want the lil buggers bugging out on them. “**I** dismiss you – the bell does *not* dismiss you!” Nor does the fence, apparently.

    And pretty much every other building for a couple of blocks around is also surrounded by seriously sturdy fencing of one sort or another. These folks must really go in for the old adage “Good fences make good neighbors.” We’ve seen this before in this area of NYC. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. I fail to comprehend why a narrow strip concrete, maybe 5′ at most, between the front of one’s home and the public sidewalk needs a fence around it. It’s not grass, so folks aren’t gonna kill it by trampling it. If it’s your windows you’re worried about, most of them have bars on them anyway (including the school’s). So the point of the fence is… your brother-in-law is in the fencing business? Um, I mean the physical fence business? I knew they had big families in NYC’s outlying areas, but is *everyone* related to this same brother-in-law? Or does the Mob have some sort of (forgive me) protection racket for private homes, a front (forgive me again) for a security company?

    Whatever the reason for the private and barb-wire accessorized school fencing, I don’t like the implications for even driving through the area, let alone living there. Hence I don’t care about the listing at all. I’ll just be slowly and oh-so-quietly slipping out the back entrance… of the borough.

  3. @Emerald63: Ah yes, one listing specific comment…

    $450,000??? Forgettaboutit!!!


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