Living Room Motivational Material?

1425 Brickell Ave Unit 54DEF, Miami, FL 33131

Not exactly what I would have chosen if I were going to decorate my living room with six foot tall paintings, but to each his or her own, I guess.

1425 Brickell Ave Unit 54DEF, Miami, FL 33131

Okay the paintings I can forgive, but a round, leather, mustard-colored bed?

Yikes. No.

Found by: Christin C.

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3 Comments on "Living Room Motivational Material?"

  1. But would you choose a 5′ tall rooster to decorate your entry hall, Marty? One of several artistic oddities, which range from an Old Master of some sort in the bedroom (Canaletto?) to the Kwan Yin statuettes juxtaposed either side of Warhol’s “Blue Beethoven” in the living room. An eclectic collection, to say the least.

    My overall conclusion is “here we go again” – $22M purchase price + $6K/month and there seems to be no coherent design concept. Sure, there are some nice individual pieces and they spent a boatload (make that a fleet-load) on materials, but the whole doesn’t hang together. Case in point – Pic 1 at the listing, followed by Pic 2. Wait… what? It takes a real flair to properly blend different genres but I’m just not feeling it here. Once again I had the weird feeling that I was on set for the final scenes of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” although this time with stunning views. Speaking of the views, I’m assuming there are some sort of recessed blinds above the windows. If not, you better be a morning person…

    Questions… About that entryway (Pic 12), can anyone tell what the weird hardware on the doors to the left is all about? I’m thinking the glass doors slide across the openings to the *two* private elevators. But if they’re really private, why? Another query – does anyone like the kitchen? If so, what about it do you like? And how about that home theater? Does it strike anyone else as odd that the speakers present a larger square footage front than the screen?

    I dunno… I wouldn’t mind hanging out there, but I can think of much, much better ways to spend $22M on a place to live. Note to Self: Leave out the giant mustard stain in the bedroom.

  2. O.M.G. This is a design nightmare. ack

  3. Well, the first question is, “Who cohabits in the rest of the floor, and under what conditions?” As Emerald points out, there are swanky expensive privacy screens across those private elevators. Two private elevators, presumably separately keyed, which both let into a shared “foyer/gallery” that must also serve the west-facing unit, not shown. That’s quite a lot of money spent to find out you must hang a necktie on the door if you don’t want to be disturbed…

    As for the sunny delight room, you could fix that bed with a nicely tailored white slipcover through which the traffic-stripe-yellow bed would gently glow.

    Whole place does speak of more money than sense – but it’s really set up for occasional occupancy and/or entertaining guests. One concludes that they really need a caretaker. One willing to bunk in the laundry when their designated guestroom is wanted and wear a nice costume. I’m thinking gaudy kimonos or other ethnic dusters over body stockings. High speed internet and kitchen privileges required.


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