Pink and Purple Power

2161 Ross Ave E, St. Paul, MN 55119

I wonder what this seller’s favorite color is?

2161 Ross Ave E, St. Paul, MN 55119

To be fair, most of the interior is adorned in a relatively ordinary color scheme. But the exterior and that bedroom… wow.

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  1. “…most of the interior is adorned in a relatively ordinary color scheme…” Emphasis on “relatively.” They’re perfectly ordinary colors for a box of crayons, but not usually for multiple walls (and ceilings) in a house this size.

    The exterior didn’t look bad when the google street views were taken – cream, beige, and tan. I’d pay $50 to find out what prompted the Barbie dream house paint job.

    The interior spaces are inherently small. Without a smooth traffic flow they also seem very chopped up. A seemingly lower-than-usual ceiling height adds to the warren-like effect. That would be the case even without the too-intense-for-the-space wall hues. The result is enough to prompt claustrophobia, so I’m at a loss why the photographer (the listing agent?!) left all the drapes closed. Perhaps angry neighbors were just outside displaying rude hand gestures about the exterior color?

    The home is always going to have a small footprint, as neighboring houses are close in and there’s no room to expand (unless one adds a second story). But some judicious wall removal and an appropriate color palette would visually expand what space there is considerably. If the walls and colors must stay… at least ditch the assorted horrendous, space gobbling and light drowning draperies. Please.

  2. It’s decorated like a dozen dollhouses I’ve seen.


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