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6 Comments on "Yo Ho, Yo Ho…"

  1. Nothing sells a house like a cool trophy room.

  2. Emerald63 | July 26, 2013 at 3:39 PM |

    Maaaster Baaath….. Must have maaaster baaath……. WantWantWant. Or just the pebble picture above the tub… Just that would be good too.

    Um, sorry, had a sort of porcelain zombie moment there.

    Well, the exterior doesn’t do this place justice. It’s not hideous, but it’s just sort of there. However, the inside is *so* much better than I expected, and I don’t just mean the rather odd “trophies,” though there’s something to be said for them. I’m not sure what that is, but yeah… something. It’s probably not as family friendly as any observation about multiple uses of boats as furniture, though. (Hey, did you guys sense a sort of maybe nautical theme going on here?)

    Quite a bit of my liking this place is plain old-fashioned comfortable living space – usable rooms, decent size (not too small, not to large), nice layout, fantastic views etc.

    Beyond that, a few of the rooms also have really nice materials use, especially the open air stone wall dividing the master bedroom from its adjoining bath. (Have I mentioned I *really* like that bath?) The interesting corner fireplace is nice, as is the brick one in the living room. The comfortable livability shows through not only with the pool table, but a wheeled bucket of kids toys under one of the living room end tables. Yup, a house for real people.

    If you scroll down the listing page you can see an aerial shot of the property. Use the zoom out feature to see just how this place is situated in its landscape. It’s way more expensive than most houses nearby, but the privacy factor might be a big factor in that.

  3. @Emerald63:Alas dear Emerald, the master bath would not withstand the sad experience of living with it. Use of stone materials is quite nice… use of same carpet as bedroom area will quickly result in nasty, squelchy spots. Equally bad is the open concept arrangement. Sure, there’s almost certainly a “water closet” with a door… but nothing short of submerging your beloved’s head in the jacuzzi will stop the sounds of oral hygiene. Just sayin’.

  4. Maybe it’s good that the agent prepares you for the fact that there are mannequin pirates rappelling down from the ceiling. Because if you were touring the house, that could be quite startling. The rest of the house looks lovely, I can’t grasp how the pirates fit in!?!

  5. I’m not sure those pirates are climbing *down*. Unless it’s just my monitor settings, that horrendous green the homeowner was so fond of is enough to drive almost anyone else up a wall. Load the Remington with double-ought buckshot, would you? I’ll get ’em down from there.

  6. Denita TwoDragons | August 5, 2013 at 1:05 PM |

    The pic of that particular kind of boat on the listing? My Dad works on one of those. They’re towboats–note TOWboats, not TUGboats, big difference–and in principle they’re basically like driving a giant version of an 18-wheeler. Backwards. On water. Because towboats are macho. ;-)


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