Wayne’s Plane

6629 S Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120

Hey wait a minute, that’s not a house.

6629 S Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120

What kind of home has its own airport?!?

6629 S Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120

Wayne Newton’s house, it turns out. From an October Forbes article:

Known as ‘Casa de Shenandoah’, 6629 S. Pecos Road hit the market in September for a whopping $70 million, but has seen its asking price slashed by more than 30 percent in recent days. Wayne Newton’s former 36-acre Xanadu now lists for just $48 million.

The famed performer and his family resided at the ranch from the 1960’s up until 2010, when, amid bankruptcy, Newton sold the property to a development company for $19.5 million. Newton retained a 20 percent stake in the company, CSD LLC, which aspired to convert the majority of the outlandish property into a theme park. However, after a combination of lawsuits, money disputes and poor planning, the development company went belly up and the home was put up for sale.

Despite its fate, the home remains the stuff of real estate legends and an embodiment of one of Las Vegas’ greatest showman.

6629 S Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120

Pretty sure that parrot cage is bigger than my bedroom.

6629 S Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120

Do the bleachers overlooking the pool strike anyone else as… odd? I mean, not like there aren’t plenty of other odd things about this $48 million listing…

Found by: Christin C.

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6 Comments on "Wayne’s Plane"

  1. Holy Crap! Well, “crap” anyway. Except for the waterfall pool. Can I take just the waterfall pool? I definitely don’t need the “7 Additional Homes, 37 Stall Stable with Office & Tack Rooms, 16 Stall Stable with Office, Equestrian Pool, Acres of Corrals & Pastures, F28 Jet & Terminal for entertaining on the ground, Car Museum with 7 Double Doors, Gaming Room, Green Room, a Zoo, [or] Tennis Court.” ~Breathe~ The “Ponds with Fountains” maybe… And I guess I’d go thumbs-up to 40 acres in the freaking heart of Las Vegas. The land alone has got to be worth a nice chunk of change, let alone the development value. (But Shhh… don’t mention the international airport that’s less than a mile down the road…)

    What I can’t figure is how the current owners managed to put “$15-20M in improvements” into this place and yet it still looks so… so…. kitsch. At least the entry, living room, and marble clad bathroom do. All that money and posh materials and still not a drop of quality architectural design to be found, just a Gods-awful lack of proper proportion or even detailing appropriate to the faux everything genre. Yikes!

    The one room that is decently proportioned and decorated is shown in Pic 10. The dining room in Pic 9 could take lessons from it – the darker walls and patterned carpet keep it from seeming like the ceiling is closing down on you, as it does in said dining room. Yeah, never an aid to good digestion, that.

    Apart from the ghastly bits, I find the cave entrance in Pic 11 intriguing… unless it actually leads to… the dungeons. However, the peacock waiting for the elevator in Pic 12 is a winner! And it’s just so… so… Vegas!

    Yeah – Vegas, Baby!

  2. Marty, I think the pool with bleachers may be the “equestrian training pool.” You know, show your friends, colleagues, and prospective horse buyers what the “product” is capable of.

  3. It’s not so much “Who would buy it, and what on earth would they do with it?” – it’s more that someone needs to buy it, to keep it out of the hands of the next James Bond villain. He (or she, fine), would clearly use the weird facilities to train their minions in dressage, underwater demolition, antipersonnel catering, and any number of other exotic and troubling pursuits, all while running his (or her) nefarious empire from the palatial digs and flitting about on covert missions in the jet.

  4. @anodean: Point taken, but pray tell, what exactly is “antipersonnel catering”? Do you suggest the kitchen is used for creating poisoned foodstuffs? Or simply terribly bad tasting food that will turn away potential infiltrators?

  5. @Emerald63: RE “I think the pool with bleachers may be the ‘equestrian training pool.’”

    Silly me, my husband informs me that the equestrian pool is, obviously, to train the beasts for their role in… water polo.

    But of course! Why didn’t *I* think of that?!

  6. @Emerald63: “antipersonnel catering” – I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the old Bond film where the two ill-fated assassins posing as room service attempted to serve him a “Bombe.” He detected their perfidy by their ignorance of the variety of wine supplied with the meal: sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Need to train those minions up…


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