Odd Obelisk Offering

21 Wall St #1, Boston, MA 02129

Wow that is the least-inviting condo building I’ve ever seen.

Oh wait, this photo isn’t actually the “sun-filled,” “well appointed” home being offered for sale? It’s actually a park located a full half mile away?

Well, surely the rest of the photos give us a good idea of what to expect from the $399,000 home, right?

21 Wall St #1, Boston, MA 02129

Nope. That’s it. That’s all you get. The obelisk and a poorly-lit kitchen. Enjoy.

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2 Comments on "Odd Obelisk Offering"

  1. Well, boo – they’ve removed the obelisk photo and substituted a shot of the little private deck. That’s inconsiderate, since they’re apparently only posting photos of parts of the place that have no view of the obelisk (kitchen window has privacy film, carefully photographed deck likely overlooks garbage cans).

    I’m really restraining myself from making any Asterisk-related jokes, like “It’s for sale by a foreign party who can no longer deal with indomitable Gauls and is arguing fiercely with realtor for revealing their presence.”

  2. At between 660 and 762 sq ft, these would fit inside the obelisk.


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