Hello. I am Horse.

320 W Snows Ln. N, Park City, UT 84060

You’re looking at the primary photo for this listing. And Horse is looking at you.

320 W Snows Ln. N, Park City, UT 84060

Fully 25% of the photos for this listing are of the horse.

They’re also quite fond of the barn:

320 W Snows Ln. N, Park City, UT 84060

That photo in particular is in there twice.

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  1. With the way the house looks on the inside, I expected this to be one of those attached stable houses instead of a detached barn. That said, all the dark and distressed wood with the stonework is there to remind everyone that these are horse people who live here. On some level, it’s livable – like a lodge is livable.

    The large great rooms with tall ceilings has the feel of being in the Golden Hall of Edoras. Just hang some banners from the ceiling and your halfway there. Of course, they have a start with whatever pelt that is that hanging over the doors on the half-wall next to the fireplace in photo 5. I mean, what is that? American Bison? At first glance, I though it was a giant mold. “Someone get the kids out! Someone grab the bleach!”

  2. $4.6M for this monstrosity of a house? Neigh, I say, Neigh! I can see why all the horse pics are included and why you don’t get a shot of the exterior until Pic 15/16. Ugly as flies on horse sh-… Well, you get the idea. I literally flinched when the pic came up. (Yes, literally, really, because I know how to use that word.)

    I’d wondered what was with the strange vertical stone bands in the pics of the living room. They make no sense, are not attractive, and do not express any structural necessity. All they serve to do is exacerbate the disproportionate height of an already long, narrow room. But once the exterior is shown it’s clear they’re trying to mirror the same elements shown there. Too bad it doesn’t work in either setting.

    I dunno, maybe 12+ acres is worth the price in Park City, Utah. It would have to be since my first task would be to bulldoze the house and start from scratch. But Flicka can stay, if he wants. I’ll even build him a nicer barn.

  3. @Frodo: Banners? Yes, please! I noticed there was only one piece of wall art in the images shown. The place doesn’t look staged with agent-loaned furniture, so I’m assuming the owners have simply never bothered to select any artwork. Being horse people is no excuse, as there’s lots of lovely horse/ranch/outdoor themed pieces to choose from.

    RE the pelt… I’m thinking maybe grizzly. It’s definitely something huge, but the legs are relatively short and there’s no tail visible. That is, if it’s not actually mold. (O_o)

    I gotta say, I had hope for the inside, given the first images of the kitchen. A bit dark for my taste, but it looked pretty good. Love the recycled (aka “distressed”) flooring. Alas… the good start fizzled at the kitchen doorway.


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