Bathroom Closeup

2306 E Christy Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85028

Judging by the first three photos on this listing, I can only assume that the bathroom is the high point of this house. Check out the light!

2306 E Christy Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85028

And the drain!

2306 E Christy Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85028

And the glass blocks!

Seriously, check them out. Because the rest of the house… meh. Although the back yard BBQ space does look pretty sweet. Personally I would have led with that.

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4 Comments on "Bathroom Closeup"

  1. Wow, man, that bathroom rocks, even if the designer musta been stoned to come up with such a conglomeration of odd-shaped specimens…

    As to the rest of the place… nice enough, though it looks like the ceilings are really low. It might just be photo distortion, but nothing else looks off. I woulda thought that a desert setting would necessitate *high* ceilings to allow the heat to rise away from occupants. And I don’t like where my imagination is going concerning the fan that’s hanging from said low ceiling in the breakfast room. Yikes!

    Speaking of the desert setting… Who the heck can enjoy a patio, let alone entertain lots of guests, when it’s 115’F in the fricking shade?! Dry heat? Who cares?! Just get me the hell out of it and don’t even think about sitting me down next to a pizza oven, because all you really need to do is leave the pizza on the stone counter and it’ll cook on its own!!

    Yeah, it’s definitely a sweet patio set-up… In Hell. (O_o)

  2. Um, you know I’m always interested to know why the current owner is leaving… well, Emerald63 makes a good point about the extreme heat, but travelogues often mention how unpleasantly cold the clear, desert nights become. Sharp temperature changes. Day, night. Day, night. Day, night.

    Now, the folks here were obviously very pleased with their tiled bathroom – pleased enough to show us how they continued these quite luxurious, substantial stone tiles right up onto the ceiling.

    Where one tile no longer matches the others, two over from the light fixture.

    This an estate sale?

  3. You both make good points about the patio.
    My thought is that the ideal buyer will work in an air-conditioned office all day while that lovely thermal mass of concrete and stone absorbs the scorching rays.
    Then as the owner makes preparations for dinner in that pretty decent kitchen the temperature outside begins to fall.
    The owner then proceeds to go outside and enjoy the radiated solar warmth of the porch in the cool breeze of early evening while grilling and eating dinner.
    Unfortunately the previous owner died in a freak accident when a heavy tile came loose from the ceiling. He was otherwise in good health from all the grilled protein and veggies.

  4. @Samme: You make a good point about the patio, too, Samme. It’s probably also a nice place to hang out in the winter. I know Phoenix can get pretty chilly (and even get snow on occasion), so the heat-sink that is the patio would likely be quite comfy during those times.

    As for the freak accident… I think I’d prefer that to walking into the breakfast room ceiling fan in the dark. (O_o)


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