Live Like Caesar… In Caesar’s Old Neighborhood the Caesars' old neighborhood!

Behold, the heart of Rome! See both the ancient Senate House and the 19th century Unification Memorial from your very own premiere penthouse!

Rome penthouse, Christie's, Pic 14 stairhall - imagereader.aspx

Walk the halls…

Ascend in style...

Ascend in style… enjoy multi-course dining with penthouse views of central Rome.

…to enjoy decadent dining in marble-clad luxury.

After dinner, enjoy a luxurious bath...

After dinner, enjoy a sumptuous bath…

...before retiring for some much needed, er, rest... yes, that's it. Rest.

…before retiring for some much needed, er, rest… yes, that’s it. Rest.

Found by: Emerald63

2 Comments on "Live Like Caesar… In Caesar’s Old Neighborhood"

  1. This place just has crazy money written all over it.

  2. @Frodo: I see it as having “crazy,” “money,” and “crazy money” written all over it. Sort of the decorating version of talking with your hands, Italian-style.

    But I do love the location. That first view above is of the “back side”(northwest end) of the Capitoline Hill, beyond which is the Roman Forum. The Forum is bordered on the southwest by the Palatine Hill, once home to Emperors and other massively wealthy, influential Romans. You can’t get any more “Romey” than that.


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