Bro do you even loft?

720 York St Unit 210, San Francisco, CA 94110

Cool art, bro.

720 York St Unit 210, San Francisco, CA 94110

Dig that all-black kitchen with the metal buck bust.

720 York St Unit 210, San Francisco, CA 94110

I’m not sure if the bedroom is really that red. Might just be the photo processing. On the other hand…

720 York St Unit 210, San Francisco, CA 94110

Obviously the bro that’s selling this loft is a fan of red.

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  1. Someone is into graphics – bold images and bold colors for a bold space. Well, not that bold a space but still pretty cool. It’s hard to believe the whole place is only 650sqft. The place probably feels smaller in real life than it does in pictures, but with reserved parking right outside the front door and one’s own washer/dryer conveniently situated next to the closet, it’s probably considered a find in SanFran. However, despite the quality decorating there is one troublesome issue for me – while the kitchen seems workable, the “dining experience” gives me a back ache just looking at it. I sure hope there’s enough room for something besides a kiddy table for those over 40.

    Even if this is a find for the area I still have the Midwest mindset, so the thought of paying well over half a mil for something the size of a triple garage and then continuing to pay $428 HOA dues every month leaves me both mystified and nauseous. If that’s what it takes to get by in a cultured big city, I’m gonna stick to experiencing them on vacation, ‘cuz I’d kinda like to have some money left to pay for my golden years rather than paying just to be close to the Golden Gate.


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