All Angles, All the Time

295 E Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183

Somebody really likes angled shapes. And their fancy car.

295 E Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183

You can’t quite see it from this angle, but the mirror in the bedroom is a hexagon.

295 E Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183

Octogon light above the kitchen island. Angled counters, plus the whole room is angled.

295 E Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183

They’re also really proud of the pool that’s built right into the middle of the living room. Seems like nearly half the photos are of that pool.

295 E Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183

Bathtub, sink, and window: all hexagons.

Angled homes are the future, man.

Found by: Christin C.

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4 Comments on "All Angles, All the Time"

  1. Why do I feel like I’m looking at the set of some grade B Sci Fi movie?

  2. Let’s see, um, the Enterprise filled with office furniture…and the RE agent capitalized “Galaxy,” lol.

  3. For a 20 year old house this one looks in fantastic shape, immaculate even. It’s an interesting concept which has been plainly made but without beating it to death too terribly. There are numerous non-angled elements if you look for them, not the least being the rock wall backdrop of the pool. I tend to think the water feature may alleviate the low desert humidity and what a neat way to do it! I do wonder, though, if they’re able to keep the whole place from reeking of chlorine. I just kept thinking of a covered hotel atrium with an indoor pool and how the smell can permeate the entire facility.

    Other than that unpleasant thought, I could live here. If the hubby and I had kids, I’d be looking for some way to close off the various public spaces. Note there’s no (apparent) sliding or folding doors to minimize noise and provide a quiet place for private conversation or even to watch TV. Also not sure about mixing the possible chlorine smell with my dining experience…

    Anyone know what kind of car that is? Maybe an older Porsche? It’s both cool and cute, a hard combo to manage.

  4. @Emerald63: I just realized, I think the skylight over the center of the pool is retractable. That might help a great deal with smell. Oh, and the surrounding tiles are painted to look like the night sky – cool!


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