Don’t Do Drugs

471 Alta Mesa Dr., Riverside, CA 92507

In case you weren’t clear what inspired the… eclectic decor in this house, just refer to the handy neon sign on the right side of this photo.

471 Alta Mesa Dr., Riverside, CA 92507

I like how the cropping on this photo makes this neon sign say “lies.”

471 Alta Mesa Dr., Riverside, CA 92507

Wow these guys really like their neon. By the way, I’m pretty sure this one says “TRACKS,” not “RACKS.”

471 Alta Mesa Dr., Riverside, CA 92507

Because trains.

Found by: Christin C.

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  1. Um, yeah… Well… it’s not dull. There’s that. It’s a fairly low level of “different” though. Nothing too terribly shocking just… odd. Except for what you see on the far right of Pic 8. (You don’t have to be signed in to Redfin to see all the photos for this one.) That would seem to be a potential problem, depending on whether it’s real and just harshly lit or yet another example of… odd… sculpture. You know, like the one at the top of the ladder in Pic 14. Wait… what are those statue people doing? Or how about the gal at the far end of the hall in Pic 18? The Looking Glass can’t be too far off when you *hope* she’s just giving birth. (OK, maybe a little shocking.)

    More on the odd side is the pay phone in… the bathroom. OK, so lots of people talk on the phone while otherwise “occupied”. But it’s a *pay* phone and, if you’re there for a while, I’m wondering how the heck you’re supposed to put more coins in it. Right up in the top 5 things you never thought you’d have to consider in your life – *ever*.

    I do like the train, though. One of my happiest childhood memories is watching Mr. Roger’s trolley come gliding into his living room. The detail was just wonderful. I have to admit I felt serious jealousy towards Mr. R. for having a trolley like that when I had none. So much for the beautiful day in the neighborhood, eh?

    I think Pic 26 may clear up some of the mystery behind the oddness. On the table is what appears to an architectural model. That, combined with the indifferent-to-the-built-environment butt ugliness of the exterior, not to mention all the fuzzy 2D artwork, tells me we’re dealing with a self-focused “artiste.” What I don’t get is the listing text hinting that the art might just come with the house. Maybe that’s the oddest thing of all…

  2. @Emerald63: ‘we’re dealing with a self-focused “artiste.”’

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Perhaps “artiste” doesn’t equate to “good interior decorator.

    I don’t like the unfinished double-decker stove room. Chip board is adequate for a roof, but not high quality, and not the statement of strength that “unfinished” factory-turned-house conveys. Rather, it brings to mind the type of redneck shack you see in the back roads of my area that was never inspected for occupancy but has people living in it anyway.

    However, the library wing has some promise (photos 21-26). I’m the kind of guy who thinks decorating a house to look like an old library is pretty cool.

  3. @Frodo: “the type of redneck shack…”

    I’m not the only one hitting nails. I gotta say, though, there are some “artistes” (aka “flakes”) out there who think shabby-chic is an acceptable artistic statement. I think they live on the same block with all those ironic-this-and-that hipsters. Blech.

    And of course the “library wing” has promise. Wherever there are large numbers of books there is promise. But one does have to have opened them, read them, and sufficiently understood them for them to make the best impact.

    (Here’s hoping I used the italics code correctly…)

  4. @Emerald63: Yea, I did!!!

  5. I suspect the “artiste” was a perpetual student smoking a lot of dope and livin’ the trust fund dolce vita. The question was why he moved out, and the answer would be, “Because once he could get at the capital, he did – and it’s gone.”


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