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  1. Hubby says this looks like a nice place to go… well, a colorful place “to go” anyway. (O_o) Having spent way too much of my time in porta-potties while at camping events, this looks like a fun alternative, granted they dug it deep enough and know how to maintain it.

    I’m kind of amazed you can buy a 1/4 or 1/2 ownership of the cabin and site features. You’d think with more than one set of owners they’d be able to come up with some improvements, you know, a step up from “roughing it with walls.” Considering the creative initiative in the loo, I bet the rest could turn into awesome.

    BTW, love the moss-covered thing. Probably not on purpose, but cool none the less.

  2. Well, it has a good-looking metal roof… which is about all I can say. Note that this offer to go halfies with the folks who painted the out-house does not include any pictures of inside the house. Who knows what they got up to in there that long, rainy afternoon they spent huffing paint fumes after they’d smoked up all the herb?

  3. @anodean: “…any pictures of inside ‘the house’…”

    There’s a house? I count an outhouse, a shed, and a small building with a fireplace. No house here as far as I can tell…


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