Going the Extra Mile

633 36th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
The image above, quite obviously a screenshot from Google Maps’ satellite view, is the one and only photo for this 1.3 million dollar listing in Seattle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly intrigued… about why the seller would pay 25 to 40 thousand dollars to a listing agent who can’t even be bothered to drive by the home with a point-and-shoot digital camera before activating the listing.

P.S. — Between when this post was scheduled and when it actually went live the listing was updated with six actual on-site photos… all exterior. Apparently the agent still can’t get access to the inside of this $1.3M listing?

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2 Comments on "Going the Extra Mile"

  1. “I am a homeowner and my realtor is a businessman. He doesn’t tell me when to open my curtains, and I don’t ask him what he does with his money.”

    A License for the Real Estate
    (With apologies to Peter Sellers)

  2. Heads up, Marty – there are now 9 photos, with several from inside.

    Once again I find myself asking, “That money for *that* house?!” For $1.3 mil you’d think they could toss in a paint job and some badly needed landscaping. It’s a good thing indeed they finally got those interior shots up, because it’s much nice looking inside than out. Apparently that’s where the owners have put every single dime they’ve ever spent on the place. Go figure…


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