Smokin’ Deal

518 Main St., Jackman, ME 04945

Nothing says “we totally took great care of this house” like ashtrays and cigarettes scattered throughout the place.

518 Main St., Jackman, ME 04945

The listing for this home included a whopping four photos, two of which prominently feature the smokes. Classy!

Found by: Jaimie

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4 Comments on "Smokin’ Deal"

  1. Reading the listing made me want to snuggle down in the soft recliner (furniture is conveying) and enjoy the peaceful view of the lake – it’s all tucked up for the winter, complete with easy plowed-road access, a mudroom, good heat and a sturdy roof. While I’m sad to see the smoking articles displayed, this place is aa-way up north, so it’s an honest mercy to spare anyone who’d have an asthma attack on entry the trip…

  2. Well, that’s just going to take more than just airing the place out.

  3. @Frodo: Sadly true. Have to import one of those giant ozone blasters, eh.

  4. Anodean, your first comment really pointed out the place likely being pretty darn cozy. It’s not high fashion, or even medium fashion for that matter, but for nesting with loved ones it does indeed look mighty cozy. And it has small-town homeyness written all over it. If you like that sort of thing, this place has possibilities.

    Even so, if this were anything but a craigslist offering, I’d be really concerned about an agency charging for that ad. If two of the three things that illicit an exclamation point are that the basement is dry and the hot tub is wired to code, the text really needs work. And if you’re going to include multiple mentions of great lake views in that text, it would be a right nice idea to, you know, actually include some lake views in your photo line-up. If there’s a pic limit, maybe you could swap out the image of piled up snow blocking the front door for a lake view. Might be just me, but the snow scene of the house is not shouting “Buy me! Live in me! You’ll love me!”

    It’s a shame creative writing isn’t stressed in school as much as it used to be. It can be so very helpful in selling a deserving item for a price it’s worthy of. Um… of which it’s worthy.


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