Forgot the Key

610 E Market St #2516, San Antonio, TX 78205

This condo’s photo set starts off well enough with an artsy shot of the building’s exterior.

But a few photos in you realize… you’re only seeing exterior shots.

610 E Market St #2516, San Antonio, TX 78205

Okay, so there’s a La Quinta Inns & Suites with a Denny’s in the lobby next door. That’s really useful information for potential buyers. Or something.

610 E Market St #2516, San Antonio, TX 78205

Behold the wall. BEHOLD IT.

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2 Comments on "Forgot the Key"

  1. Either exclusivity is the name of the game here or something smells about this lack of photos. Maybe it’s the time of year they drain the river to clean out the garbage? My in-laws went on a tourist trip to S.A. and, by george, there was no river at the river walk. Talk about “no there there.”

    More likely the lack is due to exclusivity – $700K for an apartment + $763 HOA dues every month is damn steep. However… you’d think if you’re paying that much for exclusivity you wouldn’t be sitting atop the Hyatt. Yup. Besides the La Quinta as well as a Marriott close by, you’ll actually be living above the Hyatt. I assume there’s a private elevator for full time residents, you know, the ones who actually OWN their living space?

    I’ve heard San Antonio is pretty laid back, a real Bohemian sort of place (or as much as can be achieved while in Texas). I’m not sure who’d want to live there *and* live apart from that, all for a large amount of money. I mean, if you’re gonna go Bohemian, go Bohemian, right?

  2. Somehow I never put “Bohemian” and “Denny’s” together before. Is that weird of me?


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