9288 Kinglet Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90069
Mirror above the bed? Check.

Mirror at the head of the bed? Check.

’70s furniture and extensive wood paneling? Check.

Video camera? Check.

Tripod? Check.

All right, we’re ready. Let’s make a ’70s amateur porno.

Found by: Ben F.

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Marty E.
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4 Comments on "Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow"

  1. Denita TwoDragons | November 16, 2012 at 12:08 PM |

    *blinks innocently* Why now whatever gave you that idea…? I thought it was just for sleeping. Really. On an elevated stage. With lighted mirrors. And the camera was for taking nature photos in the middle of the night. *blinks innocently*

    …naw, I couldn’t keep that face straight much longer. :-)

  2. “Sexy” spiral staircase? Check.
    Row of phallic trees by the back entry? Check.

    The pornesque elements aren’t the only checks. There are all the other ones against this place. Follow along with the linked photos…

    #1 – Mowing that front “lawn” would be murder, literally.
    #10 – Not sure what’s worse, the rampant ’70s decor from hell or the ghastly fluorescent lighting fixture above the dining table.
    #15 – That ‘shroomy bathroom wallpaper is dangerous… anyone going in there is absolutely gonna “trip” and that’s always bad news in a bathroom.
    #20 – More indications of some off-brand production company. They managed to clear out the freestanding display racks before the photog showed up, but dammit they couldn’t clear the built-ins quickly enough. And just what the hell is with that carpeting? (O_o)
    #21 & 22 – There’s a federal agency branch office in the basement, including the signature combination lifeless, yet forbidding, decor. I know of what I speak – my father worked for the feds for most of his adult life.
    #38 – The terminally tartan bathroom which is also claustrophobically confining – or – How Not To Enjoy An Otherwise Nice Sized Spa Tub.

    and last, as well as least….

    #40-45 – The regional airport-style parking apron that “greets” your visitors.

    BAAANH! Wrong answer. Next contestant, please…

  3. @Denita TwoDragons: Careful, girlfriend… that many innocent blinks and they’re gonna think you’re auditioning!

  4. Well, I hate always to be the one to be pointing these things out, but Emerald63 is right: the basement offices and vaults do clearly indicate the presence of some shadowy, quasi-governmental agency… tasked with surveillance and containment of things that only appear between mirrors in supposedly “ordinary” homes.

    This supposedly “useless” mission – and it’s agency – has obviously been decommissioned during recent budgetary cuts, which does not bode well for the recovery of property values west of the Rockies.


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