Why Choose Just One Obsession?

5373 Foley Rd., Delhi Township, OH 45238

From the submitter:

This one has an Elvis tribute room, a cow kitchen and lots of statuary! What a bizarre mix of curiosities.

5373 Foley Rd., Delhi Township, OH 45238

Indeed, quite bizarre.

5373 Foley Rd., Delhi Township, OH 45238

I guess they’re Elvis-loving dairy fiends?

5373 Foley Rd., Delhi Township, OH 45238

Who also really dig houseplants.

5373 Foley Rd., Delhi Township, OH 45238

And hang out with cherubs.

Found by: Sue Kramer

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2 Comments on "Why Choose Just One Obsession?"

  1. As long as they take their decor… At least it gives it some character because it has none otherwise.

    However, it looks like it’s been kept up well for a 54-year-old house. Probably a good buy for the money although not what most of us would consider a “dream house”.

  2. Despite it’s rather unassuming exterior, this is quite the nice little house inside. It’s been immaculately kept and decently updated. Although the kitchen is small and the work areas are separated, it at least seems open and airy. Sure, it has cows, but they definitely do not dominate the decor. In fact, with the exception of the greenhouse and the Elvis room, the decor is fairly decent. Uninspiring perhaps, but acceptably pleasant (sans cherubim).

    As for the exterior, some color and accent material changes would be a good idea – anything to try to overcome the dated look. The front yard is OK, but I disagree that the backyard is “landscaped.” Perhaps minimally, but there is plenty to work with for an upgrade.

    Considering it’s smack in the middle of four good sized cities (Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Columbus) and yet still lists at $132.5K, someone who’s looking to buy in this area could do a lot worse. So long as there’s no history of serious flooding from the Ohio River (2 miles away), it looks like a right nice little home.


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