Secret Beer Shrine / Game Room

2021 Adrienne Dr., Corona, CA 92882

That is a lot of beer cans. But the really cool part about this room isn’t what’s inside, it’s how you get inside…

Here’s a shot of the door into the beer shrine / game room:

2021 Adrienne Dr., Corona, CA 92882

Don’t see it? Here, let’s get a bit closer…

2021 Adrienne Dr., Corona, CA 92882

BOOM. Hidden door!

At least it adds some interest to this otherwise rather uninspiring home.

Found by: Christin C.

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4 Comments on "Secret Beer Shrine / Game Room"

  1. Nifty touch, that hidden door. But from the aerial view it looks as though they’ve swapped out what would have been a tiny back yard for the hidden game room. There is nada on space behind this place. The only outdoor area is what you see in the first 5 photos. That’s doable for some folks, I suppose. At least it’s on the north side of the house, which makes it more usable in sunny SoCal. But what a game room it is! Oh, wait… I’m betting the el-supremo beer can collection does not convey. :( At least the house is in the city of… Corona. I wonder if those are lime trees in the front yard?

    Yup, Marty, it’s “uninspiring” …for now. But ditch the hideous Spanish colonial decor and you could do this place up pretty nice as an updated, if modest, contemporary. Maybe those kids with the mushroom from the last post are available…

  2. Oh, but wait – there’s another secret feature, here. So long as all those aluminum cans are touching each other, just wire the last one to the ground-peg opening of a nearby outlet, and voila! You have a do-it-yourself Faraday cage, suitable for withstanding the dreaded electromagnetic pulse… and the more you drink, the safer you’ll feel!

  3. @anodean: “…the more you drink, the safer you’ll feel!”

    Yeah… for all sorts of reasons. ;)

  4. @Emerald63: It’s science! :D


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