Cadillac Crib

7900 Lenape Trl., Austin, TX 78736

I hope you like Cadillacs. I mean really like them.

7900 Lenape Trl., Austin, TX 78736

Because it might cost a bit to take down that giant glowing “Cadillac” sign in the garage.

7900 Lenape Trl., Austin, TX 78736

Also… Why does that little end table have horse legs?

Found by: Christin C.

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  1. Sure, the sign is big, but what about the car in the second pic above? I’m still scratching my head at the exceptional talent needed to park it in that position.

    Does anyone have a theory why 2/3 of the photos are exterior shots? With many repeats? I mean, other than the pool being awesome? It looks nice outside, but the level of documentation is unnecessary. It’s in a fairly nice modern style, though the 2 story portion looks rather institutional, imo. But to me a lot of modern looks like either high end art or low end industrial stuff. This one almost bridges the gap, but not quite.

    Once again I find myself asking, “How can people live with almost no color in their home?” Other than red patio cushions and red bar stool seats in the kitchen, there’s naught but black, white, gray, and brown. I do like the bar stools, though. They’re very striking set against the white cabinets, the white/gray marble counter top and black fridge. But that’s nowhere near enough color for over 5000sqft.


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