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  1. I’m no fishing gear expert, but does one really require what looks to be a multiple link chain to catch that sort of fish? I assume standard bird shot would suffice for the duck-face holding the fish…

    Nice looking place. Definitely *not* an overblown decorating scheme, as we sometimes see in the higher end, new money places. Actually, for my own tastes I’d add a few splashes of some brighter hues. It looks a little too corporate-offices for me.

    Does anyone else see some issue with the glass doors in pics 5 and 6? I finally figured out the appearance of some panes being darker is likely due to those panes having screens behind them. But all around the edges there’s a white glow. Is that just reflection off of metallic surrounds? Or is this some sort of weird ass photoshop?

    Whatever… I’d take it if someone chose to give it to me. You know, for, like, Christmas. Or something. Not that I’m hinting or anything…….

  2. Hmm. Does the gamekeeper convey? Because on the whole, I think I’d just go with garden gnomes.

  3. Denita TwoDragons | December 21, 2012 at 3:20 PM |

    I never knew duck-impersonating was a major selling point for real estate.


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