Complete Your Dracula Collection With This $4M Flip

2835 Westshire Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068

Itching to grab a complete Dracula collection? This swanky LA pad was once owned by Count Dracula himself.

2835 Westshire Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068

Of course I’m referring to Bela Lugosi, who portrayed Dracula in the 1931 film of the same name.

The Dracula art in the staging is certainly a nice touch.

2835 Westshire Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068

This home sold last July for $2.6 million. It was listed again this March for $4.2 million, then re-listed on Wednesday (June 25th) with a new low price of just $4,067,000. Still quite a bit cheaper than the $80 million asking price for Dracula’s Castle in Romania.

No word on whether the disembodied arm on the dining room table conveys.

2835 Westshire Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068

No idea what’s going on staging-wise in this room. We’ve got a deer-leg table, a fairly modern-looking iron cube ceiling lamp, and some kind of crazy tentacled metal standing lamp. With a traditional Persian rug.

2835 Westshire Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068

The bathroom without any mirror is a nice touch, though.

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3 Comments on "Complete Your Dracula Collection With This $4M Flip"

  1. Emerald63 | June 29, 2014 at 2:44 PM |

    What, no heavy draperies? What’s with all the daylight?

    Marty, I like what I see here, but was there supposed to be a link to the listing? I love the idea of taking a gander at Lugosi’s old place. Just wondering if there is more to see elsewhere. (And what are the odds that it and Castle Bran are both on the market at the same time?!)

  2. @Emerald63: Oops, sorry about that. Clicked the wrong button when I entered the address. Listing link is there now! Thanks!

  3. Emerald63 | June 30, 2014 at 1:49 PM |

    Thanks, Marty. I guess there is more to see – lots more. :) Yet still, almost zero draperies; just some thin, filmy sheers in Pics 17 and 18, and there are numerous mirrors throughout. I guess that sinks the theory that Lugosi lived the part.

    Actually all that Cali sunshine sells it for me. Wow! I love the white walls with wood floors/accents throughout and All.That.Light. And finally, a Hollywood home that isn’t over-decorated or under-decorated or weirdly-decorated or… well, “out there.” I even like the black cabinetry in the kitchen, again because all the light (and white walls and counter tops) keeps it from being supremely overbearing. Another lovely thing is what looks to be original 1920s tile work in most of the bathrooms. Mostly I just want to kick back with a good book and a fruit smoothie in that window seat behind the piano. Ahhh….

    What’s a little strange to me is the exterior style of the home. Built in the 1920s but a dead ringer for a lot of 1970s/80s home in the Kansas City suburbs, where I spent my teen years. I had no idea the style went back so far. Also, if one can see the Hollywood sign from the property, why in the world would you not include a pic of that in your listing? I mean, killer selling point, doncha think?

    (Anyone else have trouble getting the video to play?)


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