If Barnabas Collins Moved to SoCal

Submission and commentary by Emerald63. Thanks!

2715 Shadow Canyon Rd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Ever wonder what Collinwood Mansion would look like if it were sited in the, er, shadow… of LA?

2715 Shadow Canyon Rd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Take a look…

2715 Shadow Canyon Rd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765

2715 Shadow Canyon Rd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Of course the mirrored backdrop behind the bathtub will have to go…

2715 Shadow Canyon Rd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Added bonus: the neighborhood is only 10 short miles south of San Dimas, home to those other famous movie oddballs, Bill and Ted. Party On, Dudes!

Found by: Emerald63

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3 Comments on "If Barnabas Collins Moved to SoCal"

  1. All the extravagance and they put in the kind of carpet that shows everyone’s footprints.

    And they couldn’t hire someone to wire up an outlet closer to the fax machine? (photo #24)

    Otherwise, there are some really nice spaces in the place. I always like a library, although… wine storage in the library? Really? Put those in the cellar where they belong and give me some more room for books. I love the plant areas in the entryway. The stained glass skylight is nice, although I’m not going to climb a ladder to wash it. I’ll hire people. And maybe those vertical mirrors behind the tub are supposed to be slimming. They sure show off the chandelier over the tub.

    As I look, I have to note that I love multiple levels. It just keeps spaces interesting. But if I had a loved one in a wheelchair, it wouldn’t be a good place for them.

  2. Bright colors, lots of light, and Oh! the sunshine!! What stylin’ vampire wouldn’t be lovin’ li– uh, death, in this gorgeous crib… coff– sarcophagus?!

    I love that we finally have a billiards table with enough room around it to actually play billiards! The nearby coffee table is a bit of a puzzlement, though (Pic 22). Odd, but not unappealing. However… in the entry, all those potential wooden stakes in the stair rail. ~shudder~ Those may need to be switched out to some less deadly material. Just don’t make the new ones match either of the types alongside the pool. Eww to both.

    Overall, a light-filled, colorful, and inviting home (if a bit grand) for the up and coming modern vampire. >:Σ

  3. @Frodo: If you have someone to clean the stained glass skylight periodically, how about having them vacuum away the footprints in the carpeting the rest of the time? No point having servants if you don’t use them wisely. ;)


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