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  1. And I think that’s a massive TV that drops out of the ceiling of the bedroom in photo 10. The small screen on the wall looks like a video intercom or computerized home control system.

    Looking at all those TV’s though: My wife has fibromyalgia and she would be on sensory overload in a heartbeat.

  2. She’s not the only one. A view like that and their idea of a comfy-room is watching multiple mega-screen channels at once? Sheesh. I bet they’re selling because no one can find the remotes…

  3. @Anodean: Sure it’s not because of the flavorless photoshopped popcorn tubs in Pic 14?

  4. A house with that much space and that big a price tag and there is just nothing interesting in it? Really?! I would’ve expected the absolute best in both architecture and decor. There are some nice materials, but unless you do something with them they’re only so much expensive Play-Doh. Even what appears to be a back-lit alabaster bathroom counter in Pic 9 just sits there.

    Yet someone had the wherewithal to make sure at least one room succumbs to Death-By-Curly-Q. Pic 5 features curly-ques at the fireplace, walkway railing, and front doors. Pic 4 shows some in the coffee table, too. And with no color in the room, these abominations stand out all the more. But even worse… if that’s even possible… are the oafish attempts at Doric columns that came out looking more like… I can hardly say it… Dork columns. Design Blasphemy I Tell You!!!

    …Get the torches and pitchforks.


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