“The horse is loyal”

2404 NE Spring Creek Dr, Lees Summit, MO 64086

This one’s not currently listed for sale, but it was when Spencer submitted it last month. With a for-sale-by-owner list price of $75 million.

I know it is totally serious because of the listing description:


The mud provides great insulation from the elements. The horse is loyal and won’t leave though the malnourishment may explain that. Nothing a bag of feed won’t cure.

Gotta love Zillow.

Found by: Spencer P.

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3 Comments on "“The horse is loyal”"

  1. Okay, that’s hilarious. It appears the owner doesn’t want the house to be seen. It’s blurred out on Google Earth sreet view. I figure the listing is fake to obscure the home’s features.

  2. At first I was thinking OK, this is the NSA’s Midwest regional HQ, as in “No Such Abode.” But then I looked at the description that claims it’s 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a (supposedly) whopping 27 square feet… for the whole thing. Even without being able to see detail it’s obvious the house is more like 2700 square feet. That’s when I realized… IT’S THE TARDIS!!!

    Really, how important do these people think they are? They can’t possibly be serious about security or they wouldn’t have published the address. Sheesh!

  3. You can see a bird’s eye view of the house actually at the given address on Bing maps; it’s just an ordinary stick-and-chipboard mansion. :-D


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