More Mad Rendering Skillz

3223 Evergreen Point Rd., Medina, WA 98039

Words fail me.

3223 Evergreen Point Rd., Medina, WA 98039

Nope, does’t look any better when you take a few steps back. Also you just drowned in the lake. Game over.

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4 Comments on "More Mad Rendering Skillz"

  1. Aspirational marketing at its finest?

  2. Well…there you go. LOL!!!

  3. …which has rendered me speechless. Take the crayons away from the realtor, please.

  4. Marty: “Words fail me.”

    That’s why there are photos. Oh, wait…

    “Photos fail me.”

    That’s why there are renderings. Of course there are renderings and there are… these images.

    On a more practical note, I see near the bottom of the listing that the first offering was in 2005. If the concrete and exposed re-bar tops have been sitting out in the wet Washington weather since then, I’m thinking there must be some level of corrosion, which translates to potential structural issues with the so-called “convenient” head start. Sunken pilings, OK. Exposed stuff? Maybe not…


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