Don’t Look Up

88 Otis Rd., Barrington Hills, IL 60010

And here we have the lovely enclosed patio, where you can relax, enjoy good company, and maybe hang someone in effigy from the ceiling. You know, whatever you’re into.

88 Otis Rd., Barrington Hills, IL 60010

If only those happy kids on the bench knew what kind of stuff was going on inside, they would run. You know, if they weren’t made of bronze, that is.

88 Otis Rd., Barrington Hills, IL 60010

Hey it’s a books butler.

I could do without the effigy and the other odd statues, but I’d be happy to take the Corvette…

88 Otis Rd., Barrington Hills, IL 60010

Lots of extra photos on the “virtual tour”.

Found by: Christin C.

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4 Comments on "Don’t Look Up"

  1. The entryway reminds me of this Sound of Music scene.

  2. HOLY F**K… it’s finally happened… people with money and taste. Maybe there’s hope for this planet after all. And all for only $5M?! Best bargain ever! Effigy shmeffigy… WANT. What say guys, if we pool our resources and individual credit limits, think we could go in on it together? Please??? Oh, well, OK…. :'(

    Moving on then, for every minor “Why’d they do that?” I can find, there is a zillion times better “That is so cool!” waiting to counter it.

    As for the “whys” – the sunken entry floor obstacle to disabled visitors and the white rail balusters against cream colored walls above; recreating Redwall Abby in the living room with no visual relief above head level; flowing chiffon drapes above the kitchen counters and a white shag rug under the table.

    And the cool counterpoints – a dining room that sports marble floors, red patterned wallpaper, heavy gilt moldings and double crystal chandeliers and still manages to not only not look overdone, but is stunning; a two story great room that avoids too much nothingness by incorporating hammerbeam trusses overhead and a fireplace big enough for a pig roast; an office with a relatively petite yet perfectly proportioned fireplace with delicate wood carvings and a stunning green marble face. And the master bathroom? I could happily live in there for days… Ahhh… The outside, too, projects an incredible air of solidity, taste, and aesthetic appeal with a lovely use of outdoor living spaces as well.

    That’s it… when I take over the universe I’ll put forth a decree: All homes will have this much taste, even if size and materials constraint necessitate doing it on a small scale. The Empress has spoken.

  3. Just think how much it would change the atmosphere of this place if the green clock in the second photo above were a Salvador Dali green clock. :-D

  4. My instant reaction to Marty’s first picture was “Ack! “Puppet on a Chain!” – the figure, with what looks like little Dutch clogs on its feet, is an *ahem* dead ringer for the cover art of an old Alistair Maclean novel, wherein a quaint harvest-home effigy is replaced with a casualty… and we find the Book Butler in residence.

    Alas, Emerald, however grand the place is or could be made, I must decline the proposal. Find yourself a younger hero, lass, this one’s staying right here in her warm corner by the fire. :D


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