London Road, Reading, Berkshire

The property would make an ideal investment purchase and may suit a first time buyer. Viewings are recommended.

Size: 79.87 square feet.

London Road, Reading, Berkshire

This is an attic closet. How is this a home for sale. For over $100,000 (£65,000).

Found by: ReadingTim

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5 Comments on "Microhousing"

  1. Reading does have a good football club. This would be ideal for one of the players, I’m sure.

  2. Choices, choices… which adjective to use… Obscene? Or insane? Obscenely insane? Insanely obscene? Oh, for the likes of Jonathon Swift to satirize this appalling situation. Oh, wait… I’m quite certain Terry Pratchett could do a lovely send-up of this ridiculous little twit of an “apartment.” Anyone no how I can contact him?

  3. If selling this space made sense to the present owner, I wonder how many other people live in this building? The line for the bathroom might be fairly substantial…

  4. @anodean: Granted there *is* a bathroom. With “apartments” like this, one might have to leg it down to the local pub to use the facilities. No telling where one might need to go for a shower… Perhaps a fountain in the park?

  5. @Emerald63: “Know…” Know how I can contact him. Sheesh…


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