Doesn’t everyone have an effigy hanging in their family room?

1730 Magnolia Way W., Seattle, WA 98199

We just really don’t like the guy, okay?


The rest of the house is actually quite nice.

1730 Magnolia Way W., Seattle, WA 98199

Looks like a pretty sweet view.

1730 Magnolia Way W., Seattle, WA 98199

I especially loved this hallway with bookshelves built into the walls.

1730 Magnolia Way W., Seattle, WA 98199

Too bad they had to commit the sin of the mega mountain cliché. I guarantee the mountain doesn’t look anywhere near that big in person.

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5 Comments on "Doesn’t everyone have an effigy hanging in their family room?"

  1. Sure, the effigy is weird, but I’m looking at those giant… spoons? Ladles? Pipes? Talk about “smoking a bowl.” But hey, it is Washington.

    Nice place, especially for being a 100 years old in a wet climate. While the decor is bearable, it definitely has no oomph. The two-tone wall/trim color scheme makes for a nice backdrop, but what’s in between the walls does little for me. The neutral backdrop really begs for some color and/or pattern counterpoints and its repeating rectilinear forms desperately needs some materials and form counterpoints. The one exception is the master bedroom, where the limited color scheme and limited range of forms is rather peaceful, exactly as a bedroom should be.

  2. My first thought was, “Is that a guy in a kilt? Why do these people hate Scots?” – but then there’s the tartan throw on the couch, and on closer inspection the effigy seems to be wearing period English costume. One fears that this house (with it’s “500 year old” door) is enshrines the passions of 1600s England’s civil war and attendant sectarian violence, with Cromwellian effigy and Puritan collection baskets placed in motivational view of the exercise machines. I don’t know what that is over the mantle either, but they could take that away with them, too.

  3. @Anodean: “Puritan collection baskets placed in motivational view…” ‘Kaaay… and I thought my interpretation was entertaining, lol. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling yours is right. “Hate to say it” because anything to do with the Puritans is just no fun. That’s a rule, you know.

    On the effigy’s form of dress… It sort of looks like knickers. You know, like golfing knickers. And where did golf originate? Yup… Scotland.

  4. Say, you don’t suppose that’s Ye Olde Country version of the Listings Butler, do you?

  5. @Anodean: Bit on the small side. But then the UK is a bit on the small side. Could be… could be……… Say, you don’t suppose they’re shawabti, do you? You know, the little figurines placed in ancient Egyptian tombs? The ones that come to life in the next world to do mundane everyday jobs for the deceased person. Sounds damn useful if you ask me. Nothing mucks up paradise more than having to wash dishes and take out the trash. (If you’re interested in learning more, it’s also spelled “ushabti”.)


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