Not What I Meant by “Green Features”

3709 Taylors Dr., Austin, TX 78703

Hey, if you happen to be in Austin over the next week for SXSW, you can check this place out in person! This home just hit the market today. Asking price: $7.25 million (the 8th most expensive home on the market).

3709 Taylors Dr., Austin, TX 78703

Who puts carpet in the bathroom?

3709 Taylors Dr., Austin, TX 78703

And green shag carpet, at that!

Check out the carpet/wallpaper combo in one of the home’s other 6.5 bathrooms:

3709 Taylors Dr., Austin, TX 78703

Well these stairs are pretty cool, at least.

3709 Taylors Dr., Austin, TX 78703

Plus it does sport 330 feet of lakefront… Still though, that bathroom. Yikes.

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6 Comments on "Not What I Meant by “Green Features”"

  1. Built: 1969. Remodeled/redecorated: Never. That is one nasty blast from the past. And they want how much? When it’ll need to be totally updated inside? Who are they kidding?! Well, at least the grounds are gorgeous. And… I’m betting most of those trees were mere saplings, if that, when the place was built. Ridiculous price, but if someone’s got it to spend I suppose they probably have enough to redo the interior. Good luck with that… it’s gonna be a BIG job. On the upside, the results might just be worth it.

  2. My eyes!

    Thanks again, Emerald; I cannot describe how comforting it is that you see this stuff too. If I had to admit to seeing horrible hallucinations like this after running out of cold medicine, I would have to fear the worst.

    The cold seemed to be going away; I figured I had bored it to death. Instead, it had apparently just stepped out to buy snacks and beverages for a longer stay. As soon as anyone can drive, it’s more daytime cold syrup for me… do they still make eyewash, and those little eye-cups? *moan*

  3. Emerald63 | March 9, 2014 at 1:13 PM |

    @anodean: And you need the eyewash to… get rid of the images of this house? Or the effects of the cold? Or, heaven forbid, both?!

    As for seeing what you see, you know what they say… common sense isn’t very common. ;)

  4. Remodel is right. If I had the money to throw at buying this place, it’s not only getting a fresh look, it’s getting all but rebuilt. At least it’s been taken care of all these years.

  5. Some kinda cool architectural details and the grounds are beautiful. I actually think the bright orange tiled shower could stay as-is. Everything else is immaculately conserved from 1969. I truly cannot imagine living in the same surroundings (SO MUCH COLOR!) for so long!!
    I would love to see “after” pics of this because it needs a lot of work. “Good bones”, I’m sure. ;-)

  6. @JY: Welcome aboard, JY! Always nice to see(?) new faces, so to speak.

    I was able to look at the listing even though… it actually sold! You’re right about the “good bones” – lots of interesting spaces that are/were simply covered over with questionable materials, at least to modern eyes. I’ll say this for the orange tiled shower… which could definitely worked with resurfaced surroundings… it sure will wake you up first thing in the morning! LOL!


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