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  1. I wasn’t expecting much from the exterior shots. The place looked old and not the best example of its era. But I was more than pleasantly surprised once inside. The rooms are spacious, suffused with natural light, and well appointed. Not overdone nor underdone, they provide fairly quiet good taste without being staid. It’s nice to see quality materials with barely an ounce of pretentiousness.

    I especially like the kitchen – solid, utile, neutral colors but with subtle patterning to keep it interesting, and plenty more quality materials. It would be nice if the room had direct connections to other living spaces, but even without them I could easily spend time there without kitchen chores feeling like chores.

    The grounds are nice, which is not surprising give the site is practically next door to lovely Rock Creek Park. Other than the prurient pedophile’s picture perfect pool, I wouldn’t change a thing.


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