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3 Comments on "(Don’t) Tear Down This Wall"

  1. Merry Christmas everybody!

  2. And to you, Marty – and thanks so very much for building and maintaining this neat site for us. :D

    My dream for my retirement was to become an off-season caretaker for the elaborate properties of traveling rich people. Wouldn’t it be loverly? :)

  3. Belated holiday greetings, All!

    A rather nice little property here, although I must ask – how many artificial sheep does one property need? (If any…) I guess they’re sort of in keeping with The Wall segments, as well as the standing bear sculpture. Despite all this, I do love me the entry court with lovely tiled fountains/planters and those pergolas! Wow! Nice “neighborhood,” too.

    And ditto anodean’s comments about your continuing efforts, Marty. You seem to have established quite the nice e-den for us. Even though we are small in number, we do find this little nook to be a more-than-pleasant cyber getaway. :D


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