Hello. I am an elk.

16527 Alpine Dr E., Greenwater, WA 98022

Buy this home and apparently you can get really up close and personal with the local wildlife. New reality TV coming to TLC this fall: Elk Staring Contest.

Also: free sign!

16527 Alpine Dr E., Greenwater, WA 98022

I hope you like wood paneling. Scratch that. I hope you are madly in love with wood paneling, because that’s all we got. In every room.

16527 Alpine Dr E., Greenwater, WA 98022

Found by: Chad D.

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  1. Well, if I *have* to have all that paneling I’m sure not gonna “scratch that” Marty, lol. ;)

    I think I could manage a long weekend in this place, despite the wall to wall walls of wood. Of course if a woodchuck showed up wanting to chuck all that wood, that would be OK by me. And if not, then knot(s), a lots of them.

    I about fell over when I saw pics 2 and 3. They look EXACTLY like a cabin I designed 30 years ago in high school interior design class. Not only the layout, but right down to the tan and hunter green color scheme and the lunette windowed front door! (O_o) Mine didn’t have a hot tub, but if it had I sure wouldn’t have left it open to the winter air when not in use. Total waste of water-heating energy, not to mention all the flotsam and jetsum that would end up in it. But… is that a dry sauna I spy next to the washer/dryer? Or just storage space? Either would be nice.

    Just one more gripe… besides errant wildlife… the upstairs windows on the front side of the house are just way too big. They make the whole facade look almost cartoon like.

  2. N’ n’ n’ n’ no! Anne Elk! Not “an elk!” – and this is my cabin.

    Which is to say, that this cabin that I have, that is mine, which belongs to me, and may be described along the following lines.

    This cabin has a shed at one end and is then much, much thicker with a porch in the middle and then just as thick at the far end, but without the porch. That is the cabin that I have and which is mine and what it is, too.


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