When One Shrine Just Isn’t Enough

1320 N Cedar Hill Rd., Cedar Hill, TX 75104

I don’t recognize the object of this home seller’s adoration.

1320 N Cedar Hill Rd., Cedar Hill, TX 75104

But wowzers do they ever adore him. Not one, but two full-on shrines, plus a giant photo above the fireplace…

1320 N Cedar Hill Rd., Cedar Hill, TX 75104

…two in this bedroom…

1320 N Cedar Hill Rd., Cedar Hill, TX 75104

…and one more in this bedroom.

1320 N Cedar Hill Rd., Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Anybody recognize who this is?

[Update: Paradox solves the mystery in the comments below. It’s Sathya Sai Baba, described by Wikipedia as “an Indian guru and spiritual leader.”]

Found by: Christin C.

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5 Comments on "When One Shrine Just Isn’t Enough"

  1. Y’all gonna shoot me fer this, but I jes’ Googles “Guru with an afro,” and this fella showed up first image. :-D He’s India’s most popular modern Guru, Satya Sai Baba, d. 2011, age 84.

  2. @Paradox: That is awesome.

  3. So how does one get into the swimming pool with that fence around it?

    This place might make a nice leadership development retreat location for small businesses and organizations in the Dallas area. 8 acres of streams and walking trails with enough bedrooms and a large meeting room. An additional building could be added if necessary.

  4. @Frodo: The pool… I would assume as with most pools one could simply dive in… from atop the fence. Now getting out again, that would be the trick.

  5. Nice looking place and interesting to find a devotee of an Indian guru Deep in The Heart of Texas. Other than a couple of points – said guru being an additional one – the place is pretty conventional looking, both inside and out. Nice, but conventional.

    The off-set front door is a bit odd, that is, it’s not centered under the gable roof port-cochere. It’s not the worst architectural faux-pas, just odd. But the ceiling in the home theater totally makes up for it – not only a night sky with stars, but a comet, too! The blue sky and cloud ceiling mural is also a winner. We’ve seen our share of Gods awful ones so one with the right hues, mottling, and light/shadow play is nice.

    My favorite space is the laid back family room (Pics 11 & 12). It’s not fancy, just chock full of quality, comfort, and understated good taste.

    I’m with Frodo – this would make a great retreat center. I just wish we’d gotten some photos of the grounds, woods, and streams.


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