Mad Rendering Skillz

5611 NE 77th St., Seattle, WA 98115

That is some seriously impressive computer rendering power, right there. Looking at this picture, it’s like I’m really there, standing on the deck of my ghostly modern manse.

And if that particular carefully-crafted feat of imagineering doesn’t get your juices flowing, try this one from the alternate listing on for size.

5611 NE 77th St., Seattle, WA 98115


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2 Comments on "Mad Rendering Skillz"

  1. This is the vacation home of the (presumably now former) owner of that “meticulously executed” running pony rainbow ranch shown in September, isn’t it?

    I ask because I could swear that I heard that same voice reciting that really fast disclaimer with the “Your dreams may vary” while I looked at this…

  2. Meh. Whaddya expect for $350K in Seattle, a Leonardo?

    ~in the cranky old man voice~
    “In my day, you could still take a class in architecture school on how to render a project with *watercolors* and we **liked it** that way!”

    And just a thought… I’m thinking it’s not anywhere close to practical to build a flat roofed home in an area that gets that much rain.


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