Art, Art, and More Random Art

3303 Water St. NW Unit 7A-N, Washington, DC 20007

This is probably one of the most eclectic collections of art I’ve seen in a single listing. We’ve got the weird smiling skull, then just one room over, some classic pieces…

3303 Water St. NW Unit 7A-N, Washington, DC 20007

…elsewhere, this… um… dove attack piece…

3303 Water St. NW Unit 7A-N, Washington, DC 20007

…anonymous butt…

3303 Water St. NW Unit 7A-N, Washington, DC 20007

…and finally:

3303 Water St. NW Unit 7A-N, Washington, DC 20007

In addition to the glossy children’s faces staring you down in this last room, you might also notice the same chair that was in the Los Angeles home from our “Golly Ain’t That Swell” post last month.

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  1. We apologize for the delay in today’s posting. Those responsible have been sacked.

  2. Wow, what a stunner of a condo! Although I dispute any connection to reality in this statement: “Low Price: $6,650,000.” High/Low is relative – to a degree. Also, I’m not sure I personally would want to live just above a freeway, but others obviously feel differently, including having the willingness to pay the not-low price for the opportunity in this case.

    There is one concern I have about the artwork, which is, as you say Marty, amazingly diverse. A couple of the pieces, the skull one and the woman’s portrait in the second pic here, have seating directly in front of them and at a level that if anyone every chose to lean back while seated, their head/hair would make contact with the artwork. That.Is.BAD. The sofa with the skull doesn’t look at all comfy and it also doesn’t seem to be associated with any real socializing space. But the same isn’t true for the set-up near the portrait. I have to think any art dealer worth their commission fee would find a way to speak up about this without alienating a client, especially one who is obviously enough of an art lover to keep on spending.

    One last thing… I do love that duplicate hanging chair – and the view from this one!!! As I said… it’s a stunner. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. These pictures provoke an odd sensation that some CGI elements have been added to them – it’s less in each one until the sunny room with the transparent chair seems entirely real… but go back to the first one, and there are what seem to be a crudely ‘shopped mirror, couch, and I’m not sure what… maybe a pixelated avatar, down at bottom right.

    I think what we have here are the physical limitations of attempting to take photographs inside a dynamic hologram… and that the transparent chair must be the central unit, as that is the most “real” looking item in the most realistically rendered room…

    …I suppose if I were the highly strung, nervous sort I’d scream, “It’s a trap!” … but actually, I’d kinda like to drop by with some friends and see what that thing can really do.

  4. The odd taste in art aside, and despite the abundance of pillows on the grey sofas, it doesn’t seem like a comfy place to live.

  5. Denita TwoDragons | November 21, 2012 at 11:01 AM |

    It’s so…square. Square furniture, square frames, square squares. A curve or two thrown in but mostly square. Like being trapped in a prison designed by Piet Mondrian.


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