Dizzying Decor, Crazy Colors

152 Homer St., Newton, MA 02459

Because home shouldn’t feel make you cozy, it should make you feel dizzy!

152 Homer St., Newton, MA 02459

So many curves. So many colors…

152 Homer St., Newton, MA 02459

I can barely handle the photos. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to actually step inside in real life.

Found by: Christin C.

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5 Comments on "Dizzying Decor, Crazy Colors"

  1. That’s a wild table and chairs..

  2. Is this a preschool? Except for the adult-sized furniture and lack of slobber-coated toys it totally looks like one.

    But actually, with the number of desks and computers I wouldn’t doubt that the owners are home-schoolers… Wealthy enough for stuff like Italian light fixtures and copper gutters.

  3. @Frodo: A preschool? Perfect! I’d been having Dr. Seuss flashbacks the whole time I was looking at it, lol. :D

  4. So many bits and bobs, bits and bobs, bits and bobs… everywhere. I could handle the “so many curves” and even a lot of the “so many colors,” but so many discreet little objects would drive me batty. Now, I own lots of little objects myself, but they don’t each stand alone screaming for recognition. Actually, they get along rather nicely. These don’t. In fact, they further underscore Frodo’s likening the place to a preschool, filled to the rafters with a gazillion toddlers, all simultaneously demanding one’s full attention…

    There’s a reason I don’t teach preschool.

    However, mentally erasing said contents reveals a lovely mid-century modern home. The fireplace, window wall, and terrace are all notable. There are other cool spaces, especially the bathrooms. Even the jungle green 2nd kitchen is viable, given its counter-balancing, minimally distracting features. (I’d nix the red lights and turn the flooring 90′, but that’s just me.) I especially like the room in Pic 25. Now that’s how mixing a number of bright colors should turn out.

    What an irony, though, that the description begins with the all-caps “major price drop.” Well, if you consider 12.5% “major.” The irony comes when considering the price at its last sale, 20 years ago… 1/10 what it is today. (O_o)

  5. …mentally subtracting unbearable aspects of life since… um… well, doggone, since before I could actually subtract, I guess. Works for me, Emerald! :D


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