Listing Agent Used Arti-Stick License

5342 Miles Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

I guess watching somebody walk their dog past your home is pretty exciting when you’re a stick figure.

Most of the rest of the photo set is pretty nice actually, good photos, clean, well-staged house, etc.

Then you get to the last photo…

5342 Miles Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

Um, okay?

Found by: Chillout Spy

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6 Comments on "Listing Agent Used Arti-Stick License"

  1. In my area I could get a house twice as nice with 4 times the land at less than a quarter of the price.

  2. Emerald63 | July 15, 2014 at 2:05 PM |

    @Frodo: Sure, but you’d be missing out on all that professional level Oakland crime! How boring would that be?

  3. Emerald63 | July 15, 2014 at 2:20 PM |

    The stick figures are just darn cute, even if the one “inside” looks like he’s possibly being held against his will. That doesn’t look like an actual photo they’re set into, though, at least not entirely so. Unless those are ghosts of driveway planters past, the see-through nature gives it away. More flower strangeness in the “yard” and the unnatural reflection off the roof (compare with Pic 23) suggest there’s some CGI going on.

    As Marty said, the place is decent looking. But as Frodo (sort of) said, the price is insane. I do like some of the (not worth the price but still) nice period details – the half-round, end-of-the-counter shelves in the kitchen, the mint green bathroom fixtures and etched glass shower door, and the tile work in both rooms. I do not like the all-concrete-all-the-time back “yard.” I wonder if you can rent a DIY jackhammer? After paying so much for the house, you probably couldn’t afford landscapers.

    BTW, I think the pulley system is what’s left of a c. 1912 clothes line. It’s next to a window set featuring a narrow window abutting a wider one. The only sets like that are in the living room and kitchen, so I’d say it’s just outside the kitchen door.

  4. Wow. I think this would rate some sort of “Doing It Up Right” award – if I weren’t wondering how it could possibly make sense to spend (and ask) so much money in a neighborhood so unsafe that the ad needs comforting stick figures to take a buyer’s mind off just what kind of folks will be so up close and personal there.

    That said, I suspect showcasing the vintage clothesline reels might be a roundabout way of attracting buyers living with the frustration of being forbidden to hang laundry by zoning or condo commandos. I get the sense that this can be a bit of a defining issue for a certain well-heeled young demographic group…

  5. Bi-ennial Urban Revitalization Project Enthusiasts, or BURPEes?

  6. Emerald63 | July 21, 2014 at 1:55 PM |

    @JMixx: Don’t forget the Burpee’s seeds for the garden! –

    Oh, and good to see you, JMixx!


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  1. “Front yrd is a damn orchard.”

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