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  1. Judging by the street view, there’s nothing much to take a picture of. You need to use a macro lens. This is like a cheap micro-home, except it’s not mobile, and it looks pretty well-used.

  2. Comments Coming Soon!

    Ayup… as Frodo said, there’s no there there except for a glorified one car garage. It is sited, however, on a nice corner lot with mature trees to one side, just right for building a nice, new small, but not micro, home. Not bad for $12K.

    As for the other two linked properties, considering the area, the price tags of $25K each aren’t that bad either. Depends on what sort of condition they’re in, but they’re definitely not postage stamps as is the one (not) shown here. A pity what seems to have been a decent, if modest, neighborhood has declined so much. One wonders if it was due to the same sort of neglect from local interests as displayed – or not – by the listing agent. (People actually pay this person?)


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