Lovely Listing Ladies

39493 N 107th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

This listing has over 70 photos. Apparently the Phoenix-area MLS doesn’t limit how many photos an agent can upload, so some listing agents just upload any random thing that happens to be sitting on their computer. Like a kinda creepy close-up shot of a lady working out.

Or an even closer, even creepier shot of a lady getting a massage.

39493 N 107th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

So I guess the message is “buy this house if you like to look at ladies”?

Found by: Christin C.

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  1. I am no expert, but I have done some leasing for apartments and learned some things about fair advertising practices. One of those things is that these last two pictures seem to be leaning a bit close to showing a possible racial or gender preference for prospective buyers. Since nothing in the listing says or implies anything about an ‘exclusive’ neighborhood I am sure it is perfectly legal. However, most real estate listings avoid pictures of people because they don’t want to be perceived as trying to sell to one race/gender/religious group over the others.
    That being said, I really like the house, and the landscaping is gorgeous and environmentally friendly. Inside it has nice subtle color that blends well with the area and leaves plenty of room to add your own splashes of color with decorating materials. There is a pretty good variety of natural materials inside and out. It also seems to have a nice flow.

  2. I’m with Samme – this is a nice home. I really like the assorted nooks and niches for displaying… whatever. The detail work on the wood aspects – cabinetry, doors, even ceilings – is exquisite. I’m especially drawn to the unusual assortment and configuration of windows, too.

    I agree the color scheme blends well with the area, but I wonder if the addition of some cool colors might add a psychological boost. There *are* cool colors in the desert – pale blues and lavenders seen at dawn and dusk and various desert blossoms – so they would still fit the regional theme. I just kept thinking that if I were in the desert southwest (“Yeah, but it’s a dry heat!”) seeing warm colors all around me, even inside, might make me feel even warmer. Usually I like warm colors just fine, but I’m not as sure for a desert setting.

    The one detail I definitely do not like (in a sea of ones I adore) are the concrete block walls in two of the bedrooms. It’s especially uninviting in the bedroom with the two twin beds. No amount of quality decor could keep this from feeling like a prison cell. A large, comfortable, and attractive prison cell, but a prison cell nonetheless. One need not go that route to inject a visual cooling effect.

    Overall, though… nice house that sells itself *without* adding in the snobby exclusivity reminders (aka the extra photos).

  3. It is a strikingly comfortable, inviting house – and I’m not attracted to desert surroundings or the prevailing architecture, so it must really be working… and all aboard for the Aspirational Clubhouse, boys – now with 50% more blond ladies!


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