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  1. It’s pretty bad when the camera rejects the house.

  2. @Frodo: Looks like someone wrapped the poor thing in Saran wrap, doesn’t it?

  3. @Emerald63: Exactly! You know, it makes me feel like my head is wrapped in saran wrap to look at that.

  4. So… when was it built? The listing says 2011, but that it was sold in 2006 at about 1/3 of the current price. In between those dates the economy tanked. Was the 1/3 price for just the land then? Or… what?

    Also, I had to google “budoris water heater & furnace.” Just “budoris” got me someone’s Facebook info. Using the whole shebang revealed they must’ve meant Buderis. And s/he obviously meant the master bedroom has a “Palladian” window rather than a “pallidium” one. However, it doesn’t. It has a lunette, or half-moon, window. One can excuse a listing agent for not being familiar with the formal definition of a Palladian window, but with so mangling the spelling?

    Further, the basement is not “finished to a tee.” Despite loads of paneling that might suggest it, there’s no ceiling, just exposed joists and insulation. If that’s “finished,” I’d hate to see “unfinished.”

    As for the house in general, 2200sf may seem about right for a 3br home, but with 3 floors that’s less than 750sf per floor, meaning each floor feels cramped. The multicolored kitchen with so many separate planes doesn’t help. There was plenty of room on this site to spread out a bit. It’s a shame they didn’t.

  5. @Emerald63: Good catch on the date thing. It looks like the house was being rebuilt in 2010 and probably completed in 2011 based on historical imagery in Google Earth. A quick google of fire incidents at that address reveals some images of the original house burning down in June, 2010.

  6. @Frodo: Ouch. Those photos are heartbreaking. Looks like they rebuilt almost exactly what had been there. If it’s the same owners, they must’ve really loved the original (or had strict historical standards, which I doubt). It begs the question of why they’re selling now.

  7. @Emerald63: I was just thankful to not see an ambulance among the photos. Insurance probably allowed a like/kind rebuild on the same foundation. I could see selling if the memories kept haunting the family and/or some of the kids who rode those bikes grew up and left over the past few years.


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