“Designed for a Wide Glider”

37008 N Pima Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

From the listing…

SUPER-SIZED AIRPLANE HANGER PERFECT FOR CAR COLLECTIONS! It’s climate-controlled, 60 ft. deep, epoxy floor, ready for your autos and special use. This custom-built hangar on Skyranch’s runway has a low-entry and was designed for a wide glider. Also stunning for entertaining and large parties, & the perfect man cave!

This has to be some of the most specifically targeted marketing I’ve seen for a listing. Not a lot of people really need an extra-wide climate-controlled hanger with an epoxy floor…

Also, a little further in the photo set, there’s this:

37008 N Pima Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

Wow. So tasteful.

Let’s get a few more shots of that cool glider airplane.

37008 N Pima Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

37008 N Pima Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

There, that’s better.

Found by: Christin C.

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6 Comments on "“Designed for a Wide Glider”"

  1. Despite the eccentricity of having an onsite hangar, I like this place. It has a very open, airy feel to it. I’d be a bit concerned about all the floor-to-ceiling windows in that climate, though a few more strategically placed trellises would help.

    I like the main kitchen. Nice… lots of space, lots of display shelf footage, and the built in bookshelf for cookbooks is a WIN. Hmm… not everyday you see a glass front cooler case in a private home, at least not in my tax bracket. However… I could do without the steel autopsy table look-alike… (O_o)

    I especially like the Art Deco touches, notably the bulls-eye patterned glass blocks (in pics 37 and 41). I also like the color scheme in the “casita,” which I assume means “guest house” in Spanish. Almost all white furniture, carpet, walls, etc, with the amazing rainbow hues of Pueblo and/or Navajo weavings adding just the right amount of color.

    I googled the town, Carefree, AZ, and it’s on the northeast outskirts of Phoenix, right on the edge of the Tonto National Forest. That’s close enough to uber-rich Scottsdale to explain some things. I’ve seen these communities before, planned around a small airstrip. They’re popular with high-end business folks who travel in private planes a lot. I do wonder, though, how does one get a *glider* into its special garage? Light enough to pull/push? If not, how?

  2. There are so manymanymanymany things wrong with the taste level of the interior furnishings, art, appliances…but other than that, the house and outdoor vista are glorious. When the current owner’s junk is out, then someone else can make it gorgeous. Very cool glider, though.

  3. @K: Are you absolutely certain you wouldn’t like to rephrase this: “When the current owner’s junk is out, then someone else can make it gorgeous”? I’m pretty sure that’s a catchphrase in a certain… “unsavory” industry. LOL! (Just having a bit of fun with you, no insult intended. :D)

    I agree the interior decor isn’t of superb quality, but for some reason, I just felt at home when looking at the pictures. I think a lot of that has to do with the open, airy feeling I mentioned, as well as the attendant light levels. The place I live in now doesn’t have nearly the amount of natural light I’d prefer. Crap-tastic paneling and wallpaper doesn’t help. But what’re ya gonna do when you rent? Not a lot to choose from around here that isn’t falling apart or over-priced, and sometimes both. So maybe just all that light and extra room around the furniture arrangements turned my head. But I do still love the casita. ;)

  4. @Emerald63: I’m not sure, but I suspect that golf-cart-looking vehicle behind it is actually for pushing it out onto the tarmac and pulling it back into the hangar.

  5. At least the photos aren’t retouched. The photographer can be seen in the mirror in the walk-in closet just off the bathroom.

  6. I particularly admired the ceiling tracks in the hangar, made to carry the heavy, lighted velvet drapes that converted it to that formal dining and entertainment space. I think that’s a concept no home should be without…


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